Trade policy

WESPECH and its management are committed to conducting all of WESPECH’s operations around the globe ethically and in compliance with all applicable laws. Every WESPECH employee must be vigilant in complying with the laws and regulations governing WESPECH’s import and export activities, which are critical to the Company’s success.

Compliance with international trade laws and regulations is good for business and will not be compromised for commercial gain.

Imports Compliance policy:

  • An import is a good brought into one country from another
  • When importing, all WESPECH employees must comply with applicable laws and regulations, which address such matters as marking and labeling of goods, valuation of goods, payment of duties, and recordkeeping.

Exports Compliance policy: 

  • Exports include: physically or electronically sending an item or technology across an international boundary or providing a service to a recipient in another country, or disclosure of information to a person of foreign nationality, regardless of his or her location
  • Under no circumstances will sales be made contrary to applicable export laws and regulations.

Regulations Compliance policy:

It is the responsibility of the Company and all WESPECH employees who engage in international trade activities to be familiar and comply with the principal regulations governing international trade around the world, i.e.:

  • customs and border protection regulations
  • import & export regulations
  • anti-boycott embargoes and similar regulations.

Questions concerning whether a transaction is appropriate or a potential violation, should be referred to the trade compliance liaison via e-mail: